Friday, 21 March 2008

My Two Dads

I got an email from Erin a couple weeks ago asking if I had spoken to mom recently. I immediately panicked, thinking something was wrong. Turns out mom and Eddie eloped in Vegas!! They decided on the Thursday and did it on the Saturday. I asked mom for pictures but so far this is the only one she's sent. According to mom it was in a traditionally tacky Las Vegas venue complete with old lady pastor and Elvis statue witnessing the event. They both seem very happy and we're all very happy for them! To be honest, I think they've saved themselves a lot of hassle and I know it will always be something they'll remember! So my hopes of being maid of honor are gone, but now I have a new daddy and I know that a lot of emotions and feelings go along with that. I hope I can get through this without acting out too much. Congratulations mom and Eddie!

On a funny note, Erin and Libby were giving Gracy a bath and she was playing in all the bubbles and then looked up suddenly with a fully formed bubble beard. According to Erin, this picture is a re-creation and not as good as the original beard, but Gracy kept trying to make them laugh with new beards. I can't believe how big she's getting! I think no matter what generation or country you're in, everyone tries out the bubble beard and bubble Mohawk at least once.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

in all his glory...

The title of this blog is, after all, The Sparky Chronicles, so I thought I should include a few shots of Mr Sparkles doing what he does best.

While I've been adding these pictures Sparky's been sleeping in a patch of sunshine (one of his favorite past-times). However, he just woke up and decided to go for a snack. I've taken a picture of the clever little lad just as he's opened the door himself. He waits for no man.

Here is the little legend just getting ready to bathe himself. You can see how exhausted he is from being cute all the time.

looking for lambs in all the wrong places

Since it is now March and I consider March to be spring, I thought I'd ride my bike to Bradwall to see if I could find some lambs. Bradwall is right near Sandbach and is basically farms and fields. Right around this time each year if you go into the countryside anywhere in England you are likely to find one of the cutest sights you will ever see...lambs!! The fields are full of them and you can hardly hear yourself talk because they are all bleating like crazy.
Unfortunately, there were no lambs to be found today. In fact, there were hardly any sheep that I could see! I'm assuming they take all the sheep in before they have their babies, so I'll go back in a week or two to see if the magical event has taken place.
While I was out there, I took a few pictures of some of my other favorite things in Bradwall. My favorite farm with a little winding stream. It has snowed twice (!) since I've been here, and once was on Boxing Day. We went on a big walk through Bradwall and this farm looked magical, like a post card. I've also taken a picture from the train bridge - this is the train-line Erin and Stanley took into Manchester. One time Dave and I were out for a walk and he got the idea that we should climb over the fence and walk down the railway! We kept getting really scared and asking each other, 'Did you feel the track vibrate?' It was a bit like that part on Stand by Me when they put their ear to the track to see if the train is coming. Of course, as you can see in the picture there is plenty of room on either side of the track to jump to safety, so we were in no real danger. It was very scary at the time, though.
The big white house is in Bradwall and I think that guy who lives here owns a lot of the surrounding land. They had a lot of restoration work done on it a couple years ago and I think it's beautiful. These are some of the few sheep that I saw today. You can see how wild and woolly they are now, but in a month or two they'll be naked and skinny. I always think it must be such a relief to get all that heavy, dirty wool off their backs.
Anyway, Dave and I always say we're so lucky to have the countryside pretty much on our door-step, so hopefully you've enjoyed this little glimpse at the lovely Cheshire views.