Monday, 28 July 2008

Ridiculously Hot Weather Calls for Ridiculous Measures...

Well, I guess swimming isn't ridiculous. It's actually pretty normal and fun but I like my post titles to have a little drama to them. Anyway, on Saturday it was 100 degrees outside so mom, Eddie, and I decided to take the baby over to dad's for a swim.

It's a really nice pool and we had a lot of fun. There are always plenty of characters to be found at any pool and Saturday was no exception. There was a strange fellow who got into the pool slowly (almost fearfully) and took about half an hour to walk across the shallow end to the deep end. He stroked his long goatee the whole time. He swam one lap across the deep end and back and then made his torturous journey back across the shallow end and then got out of the pool and left.
You can see in the picture below the kid behind us on the steps. He was really nice and friendly and wanted to play with us and throw the ball. Mom and I were both a little worried since he was about 8 and seemed to be all alone so we asked who brought him to the pool. He pointed out his mom who was ASLEEP ON A BENCH and stayed that way the whole time we were there. I know I don't have children and I'm not a parenting expert - but isn't it pretty important to actually watch your kid when he's in a pool full of water with a bunch of strangers??
Anyway, I've also put a little video on here of me swinging baby in the pool. Before you think I'm torturing her, look closely at her face and see that she's smiling!! If you listen carefully you can also hear her giggling. She likes activities that involve her having fun but someone else doing all the work, so this suited her just fine.

Stacy's wardrobe provided by Barbara Balmer, Inc.


Michelle said...

Cute video....except that it seems that you are using baby as some sort of weapon during part of the film. Was that deliberate or an artistic choice? I can't show that to Brent, don't want to give him any ideas.

Erin R. said...

Dang, I wish I had come now but I thought it was going to be too hot. I don't want the sun to be on me or by me, but that looked pretty shady. But Gracy looked beautiful in her swimming costume, and I'm sorry I missed it.

casey said...

i really wish you had taken a picture of the goatee freak. i have to agree w/ gracy that is really is best to have fun with someone else doing the work. she is a smart girl to have that figured out at such a very young age.