Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The Bitch is Back

I was listening to Elton John just this morning, so don't take that title too seriously. Or maybe it's completely accurate - you'd have to ask my mom...

Well, I've finally taken the time to put a few pictures on this sorry old blog of mine. Now that I'm back in good old Salt Shake it's taking me a while to re-acclimatize myself. For starters, I am ashamed to say that after all my moaning about the gray English weather, all my complaints that I had SAD each winter, I am really struggling to get used to all the sunshine! Who knew? I really loved it the first few days, felt like I was finally seeping warmth into my bones. Then after a few days I felt like I needed a break! And I think my UV resistance is way down, not to mention the fact that my pupils aren't used to dilating so much. But...when I saw this sunset from my mom's backyard the other night I realized that I had missed my beautiful mountains very much. (Barbara, I know my photography skills aren't up to much, but try to enjoy anyway.) And a little sunshine never hurt anyone. As long as you use SPF 700 each day.

The other thing I missed was my little niece! Not so little anymore... Mom and Eddie bought her this fabulous turtle sandbox and the other morning she had to get in it immediately! Still wearing her orange Halloween pajamas! Please note the dog treats that she artfully scattered around.

Here's the cutest picture of the day. That's a very self-aware look she's giving the camera, I think. She's well aware of the power of her cuteness and uses it without mercy. You may also want to take a look at the delicious and nutritious lunch her lovely Aunt Stacy prepared.

Apologies for the lack of Sparky pictures, I tried to take a few today but he was feeling a bit camera shy. It's hard when everyone wants to pay attention to you all the time - sometimes he just needs a break. I guarantee my next post will be Sparky saturated.

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